LinkedIn is no more about you than any other marketing tool or brochure.  Your audience could not care less about you. They don’t care why you do what you do, nor do they really care about all of the other things that are important to you.

They are interested in themselves, their pain points, their problems and how you are going to help them or solve their issue. They truly only care about how what you do is going to help them – what is in it for them. Not recognizing this fact is one of the biggest mis-steps anyone can make when crafting their marketing messages, regardless of the media and that includes your social media profiles and pages.

Many people forget this critical fact and they start rattling off to anyone who will listen why they are the perfect person for the job or assignment, listing all of their accomplishments when in fact it would be much more effective to do a bit of research, find out what is really bothering your target audience or even specific prospect and address that need. Tell them how you are going to help them, what are you going to do that will improve their situation. It does not matter if that situation is increased sales or a parent who needs a caregiver, just remember, they don’t care why you, they want to know how and what is in it for them.

It is no different on LinkedIn. In order to have a successful LinkedIn profile you need to know who your target audience is, what their pain point is and how you can help them.

For example, the pain point for my ideal client is that they are trying to create, coordinate and execute all of their firm or company’s marketing efforts instead of focusing on their core revenue generating activities. Therefore, in both my in-person networking and my LinkedIn profile, I address how I help my clients overcome that issue.  I do that in one of two ways the first is by creating a streamlined marketing plan for them, one that they can execute in a minimal amount of time or that their existing staff can execute easily, the second of course is that I just take on the role of their marketing person. This is how I convey that thought in my LinkedIn Summary section – straight and to the point

Suppose someone told you that instead of spending hours trying to market your business or professional services firm, you could hand it over to a marketing person who would take care of it all or teach you how to do it efficiently, leaving you free to focus on your revenue generating activities?


Now you try it  – write your elevator speech, your LinkedIn Summary and for that matter any other piece of marketing materials that you are using with the client focused perspective because nobody cares “WHY YOU” they want to know how you are going to help them.

Not sure how to create a LinkedIn profile that is focused on the other guy?  Here is a course that will help you.