In a recent article in Fast Company titled:

The Bottled Water Industry Is Fighting To Keep Plastic Bottles In National Parks

The author details the battle raging between the bottled water giants, and the Parks Authority over the sale of bottled water in the National Parks.  For a smart marketer this signals a great promotional opportunity.  One of the ways that the parks are planning to eliminate the sale of disposable water bottles, is by offering free refilling stations. The article mentions that the cost of a refillable bottle in a Parks gift shop is less than the price of a bottle of water in some airports.

Even better than buying the empty bottle in the gift shop is a bottle that is refillable and free.  If you and your company are the ones to give the bottles out then you get to have your message seen everyday of that vacation trip.

Just think, you get to have the prime real estate while your client or prospect is on vacation.  How much is that worth to you?  Would you pay even six or seven dollars per bottle to be able to be the one who’s name is seen everyday along with your message?

At about this point you are probably thinking, that is crazy no one is going to drag a sport bottle in their very limited luggage space and why would I pay between six and seven dollars for refillable bottles to give out when I can buy some for under one dollar.

If you are thinking of giving one of those under a dollar one that the kids get at every party then you are correct, no one is going to take t with them and they are probably not even going to use it. However, if you are thinking of giving one that looks like this and costs between six and seven dollars each in quantities of 150 or more, it is a worthwhile investment in your business.

Refillable Drink Bottle with logo

Double Wall Insulated Drink Bottle

This double walled, insulated bottle, is lightweight and durable and best of all it will keep your recipient’s beverage cold for a lot longer than those disposable bottles that you buy from a vending machine.  You have plenty of room to add your imprint in full color. Because it is lightweight it can be stuffed with clothing and easily packed along.

Like with every other marketing opportunity, sometimes you need to think outside the box and invest a bit to see great results.

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