Cold Calling is Not Dead and Inbound Marketing is Not a Silver Bullet

These days it is common to hear people saying that they are focusing on Social Selling or Inbound Marketing.  Those are important tools and they should be used, however, the most important thing to reach success is a well rounded marketing and sales program.  It should be a process. There is a logical sequence to the outreach efforts that you make with any new prospect.  Creating that process and following it through will help you reach success.

To create the process you will need to know something about your target audience.  You also need to know how to craft your message and tell your story so that you convey the value that you contribute to your audience.

Be sure that your value message is something that your audience wants – whether product or service, if you hawk ice scrapers as ice scrapers in the summer, people are not going to buy them.  If you take those same ice scrapers and market them as an all season tool – The scraper end is for ice in the winter, while the brush is for flower petals in the spring and leaves in the fall, and best of all you can use the brush to clean the sand from your shoes before you get into the car in the summer, now you have a product that while not necessarily a top seller, at least people can see why they should buy it in the summer.

After you know who you need to target it is time to create the process and put it to work.  Make sure you have created your sales story using a value message that appeals to your audience.

While cold calling is not the best way to reach out to a prospect you can turn that cold call into a warm one by using social tools to learn about your prospect and turn the call into a warm one.