You just received notice that you have won an award in your company recognition program.  How are you going to maximize that recognition to advance your career, increase your sales or achieve whatever goal it was that you set for yourself for this coming year?

One of the ways that you can capitalize on this recognition is by sharing it on LinkedIn.  There are two ways to share it. One is to post it as a status update

The second way to share it is by adding it to your profile. ( you will find this where you edit your profile)

As an individual those are the two basic ways to let your contacts know about your achievement.  You are also able to benefit from the posts your company will make on the company page.

There are also many ways for companies to benefit on LinkedIn when they hand out these awards.

Take pictures and share them on your company page.  Then have the recipients share the post on the company page with their networks.  It gives the company visibility and it also gives the individual additional ways to share the award in a professional way without harping on the same status update everyday.  Highlight each winner separately as well as the group post the day the awards are given out.  This will make people more inclined to share multiple times. Key personnel can also share the posts with congratulatory messages tagging the winner in the post message.

The more times that the word gets out about the award and the winners the more people will hear about your company and your wonderful employees.  Highlighting employee awards helps to engender employee loyalty and this benefits everyone. Exposure on LinkedIn helps you stay top of mind and visible before, during and after the sales process.