Before you create a  Facebook Fan page or decide to use your personal page for an aspect of your professional life, the first step is to determine what your goal is, and who you want to reach. After you have determined who your target audience is then you can decide what pages, if any, you need on Facebook.

There are several different kinds of pages on Facebook.  Let’s look at three of the most common types:

The Basic Personal Profile Page.  This is where you share cat videos or what ever else it is that interests you (even politics).

The Facebook Fan Page.  This is the page that you create for your business or the business where you are responsible for the marketing efforts.

Finally, of the page types that we will talk about in this post, there is the public figure page.  This type of page is meant for authors, politicians, athletes, actors and any other individual who has a public presence and wants to be able to interact with their target audience as a human being, not an entity, but not on their personal page.

Facebook Fan page alternative

It is this Public Figure page that is the most underutilized.  When you are the CEO, CMO, CSO or any other senior level business owner or executive and you have written a book, you need to be able to interact with your audience – the people who will buy your book.  They do not want to know more about your product or company brand, they are looking to connect with you, the author. On the other hand, that does not mean that they are your friends and need to see photos of your kids, your car or your pets.  They do not need to know your opinion on the latest goings on in Washington DC, nor if you are training to walk in a fundraising 5K.  This is where the Public Figure page comes in.  It gives you the opportunity to interact on a personal level, without becoming friends when you aren’t.

It is on this Author page that you can share your insights on topics of interest to your audience .  That includes fiction authors.  If your book is a mystery, set in a particular locale, you can share sites to visit or background information that will make your book more enjoyable to read.

If you are a non-fiction writer, this is truly the place for you to interact.  Especially with the current status of LinkedIn Groups, many groups are going to Facebook for idea discussions and content sharing. This increases the time that people spend on Facebook in a business mindset.  That means that you can get their attention and share your content and ultimately sell more books.

Stuck with how to set up the page, wondering what kind of content to share, contact us – we can help.