Expert Round Up: What Is Your Number One Tip for Logo Design?

Logo design can be an intimidating process. This image will act as the face of your brand, often being the first thing potential consumers interact with. As it is often said, “a picture says a thousand words,” and it is important that all thousand words reflect the mission and values of your organization.

From initial research to selecting different colors and shapes to be included in the imagery, there are numerous considerations that need to be made in order to create the perfect branding for your business. Luckily, we asked 15 marketing and branding experts what their number one tip for logo design is…read the rest of the article here

Experts Weigh In: You just started your business, what’s next?

“Insurance and Accounting should have been thought about before you opened your doors. The next thing to do is look at your marketing plans. Did you create one, if not do it NOW! If you did create one …read the rest of the article here

How Do You Create Change? 11 Top Tips From Small Business Owners

Business success is measured by business growth, which is dependent on employee growth. Look to these tips offered by small business owners and find ways that may help you encourage employee growth and meet their evolving needs in your own company. The competitive marketplace among small businesses requires you to establish changes and benefits to attract read the rest of the article here

“The single most effective way to streamline marketing processes is to…”

Know your target audience, cater to them, and then get in and get out. Time on social media is only effective when you have clearly defined your target audience. You know what kind of information is of value to them and you share accordingly. In addition the easiest way to streamline your efforts is to use a third part app for scheduling posts and schedule in bulk. The reason I like this method is… To read the entire article click here

Firing Bad Customers is Good For Business

Customers are the life force behind every small business, and while we recommend trying to make every relationship work out, some simply won’t. Some are toxic and can do more harm than good by draining your energy, as well as your money.

So, how do you differentiate… To read the entire article click here


3 Ways To Rock The Publishing World On LinkedIn…

Anne Kleinman, Marketing Director in New York: “I wrote a post on networking and the importance of having a follow up system. Despite a low number of views I received a message from a person I had no connection to from across the country asking for more information… To read the entire article click here




Small Biz Relationships 101 – The InfusionSoft Blog

When it comes down to it, business relationships are not that different from personal relationships(except you’re not as likely to get into arguments over putting the cap back on the toothpaste or picking up your dirty socks).

1. Have a system

You’ve heard it before: Relationships take work. And when things are busy and hectic and there’s no end in sight, having a system in place can make the difference between customers who are purring like happy kittens and customers who feel ignored and not-so special.

Brainstorm and map out exactly how you’d prefer to be treated. To read the entire article click here


7 Entrepreneurs Explain The Best Ways to Cut Cost in Business – Rescue a Ceo blog September 2015

Sometimes when times get hard or difficult, business owners are faced with tough decisions to make on how to move forward with their business ventures. For business owners, these decisions can be the difference between being on the cover of the Fortune 500 and filing for bankruptcy. We decided to ask some entrepreneurs and business owner their advice on the best ways to cut cost in business. #1 – Don’t Cut Marketing & Advertising.  To read the entire article click here

SelfEmployedKing Blog –  The Ultimate Guide for Networking Events

Learning how to master attending networking events can have a tremendous beneficial impact on your small business.

“Your Network is your Net Worth” Robert Kiyosaki

Building a large network is huge and the great thing about networking is anyone can do this. There’s no mandatory play book and it is our individual uniqueness that can make this extremely impactful on your business.

Good old Dr. Seuss says it best: ” Today you are YOU, that is TRUER than true. There is NO ONE alive who is YOUER than YOU!” and “Why fit in when you were born to STANDOUT”

I absolutely LOVE attending networking events and meeting new genuine people.  This guide is a collection of close to 50 different entrepreneurs sharing tips on how to make the most out of networking events.

You’ll see a pattern that many share: To read the rest click here


Retailers turn Instagram into a hipster mall  Crain’s New York Business – March 23, 2015

If it does happen, it could make selling on Instagram unaffordable for small retailers. “Obviously, no one has a crystal ball to when Instagram is going to monetize itself by charging users, but business owners should be prepared,” said Anne Kleinman, president of Ad Infinitum, a New Rochelle-based marketing-consulting company. Another hazard is that some Instagram stores use methods of processing payments—such as writing down customers’ credit-card numbers before entering them—that e-commerce experts say are insecure. To read the entire article click here 



Social Media: Where You Should Be  – Real Estate Business Magazine – March/April 2015

o where your clients go
“Each agent needs to analyze where their target
audience, both buyers and sellers, are spending
time, and that’s something that will vary from
location to location.
If you’re catering to millennials, you can
spend time on Pinterest, Instagram, and even
Vine (picture a six-second walk-through of a
property). On the other hand, if you sell units
in a retirement community… read the rest here (on page 26 of the March/April issue)

Using Promotional Products to Enhance Your Business Building Efforts
Biba Pedron – The Connection Queen – November 5, 2014

Anne Kleinman was a guest on The Connection Queen, Bibg Pedron’s radio show.  In this radio show we discussed:
  • What are some areas that Promotional Products are a natural fit when launching or growing your dream business?
  • What is the single most important reason that a new business should invest in promotional products?
  • Are there any important things that people should know when designing their logo for use on their promotional materials?
  • What are some of the things that you keep in mind when helping your clients choose Promotional Products for use in their businesses?
  • What are some things that people can do to make their promotional programs more effective?


Rain or Shine: Using Weather Data to Drive Business Decisions
Intuit Quickbooks: Small Business Center – March 12, 2014

You can’t make it rain so you can sell more raincoats, and you can’t prevent a snowstorm from keeping customers away. But you can use the weather, inclement or otherwise, to your small business’s advantage.

Anne Kleinman, founder of Ad Infinitum, relates the story of a client who ignored the possibility of a downpour during its multi-venue event in New York City. She urged the company to prepare for wet weather, but it disregarded her advice. When it rained — and 1,500 guests needed to stay dry — the company had missed the opportunity to put umbrellas emblazoned  … click here to read morev