binocularssmallMany people think that choosing their promotional products is all about the product. This is not the case. It is all about conveying your marketing message. Here are three examples of how three different clients used the same product to convey different messages on different occasions.

The first is a large non-profit. They were looking for a gift to gift major donors at an upcoming dinner. We chose binoculars. They were printed with the non-profit’s logo and wrapped with a card saying Thank you for helping us reach this milestone. We are looking forward to the future.” The gift was extremely well received and made a great memento and reminder to give additional gifts to the charity.

The second was an international real estate development company that was hosting a party to launch their latest development project. A key feature of the project was the view. The binoculars made a perfect gift to remind investors that the view was what would fill the space.

The third was a NYC hotel looking for a holiday gift to give their corporate travel partners. Binoculars were chosen to highlight the fabulous view from their magnificent rooftop garden. Of course, imprinted with their logo, each time the recipient used the binoculars they were reminded of a key feature of the hotel.

One product, three uses, because it is not just about the product, it is about the message.

A Few of Our Promotional Projects