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Anne Kleinman

President, Chief Marketing Strategist, Promotional Program Creator

Anne Kleinman works with clients to enhance their visibility before during and after the sales process so that they can focus on growing their revenue. She does this utilizing promotional products, strategic uses of LinkedIn and other social media integrated into a unified strategic marketing program created for clients. Anne was ahead of her time in encouraging clients to use Smarketing (the integration of Sales and Marketing) before it became a buzzword. All of these services are based on the knowledge that she gained earning her marketing degree at Boston University School of Management and over 30 years of hands on experience in the field.

Chaim Jaroslawicz Ad Infinitum

Chaim Jaroslawicz

VP, Production Coordinator, CEO – Calendar Warehouse

Chaim runs our Calendar Warehouse division, helping clients create custom promotional calendars. Calendars are one of the most cost effective advertising vehicles even in this age of digital. By helping clients maximize their impact using this cost effective medium, Chaim is able to help clients enhance their overall marketing efforts.

Chaim is also responsible for supervising all production processes. In this role he utilizes the skills that he gained during his many years as an accountant and systems consultant where he held positions at firms such as Price Waterhouse..

Timely Response

With over 30 years in the promotional product industry we can generally respond to product inquiries within 24 hours.

Innovative Ideas

Because we understand the marketing behind the client goal with can create innovate solutions that will help grow their revenue

Strategic Integration

We firmly believe that no social media platform stands on its own in your marketing efforts.  That is the reason that we create integrated programs to help our clients grow their revenue.

Clear Communication

We show our clients how to clearly communicate their brand both online and off

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